Cellinea review / Test 2020
Dangerous Rip-off?

Cellinea review / Test 2020
Dangerous Rip-off?

Author: Jason Miller | Rating: 70%
Cellulite is also known as orange peel skin and leads to an uneven, bumpy skin structure. Especially women suffer from this cosmetic problem. Can a dietary supplement be the solution? We asked about the possible effect of Cellinea and show you at this point if there is a reviews with Cellinea, which reports are circulating on the internet and what else you should know.
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Can cellulite be treated effectively?

Most women have to deal with cellulite at some point in their lives. Overweight seems to exacerbate the problem, but age also plays a role. From massage rollers to special creams, the drugstore, pharmacy and websites such as amazon offer a wide range of remedies for cellulite. But many of these recommendations are controversial.
Food supplements are another product group. This includes Cellinea. Since cellulite is a problem that mainly affects women, the product is aimed at women, unlike products such as Prosolution or Prostate Plus. At this point, therefore, it is not about Prosolution, Prostate Plus or Folexin, but about Cellinea.
The product is not applied externally like the ChinUp Mask, but taken like Garcinia Cambogia Plus as a capsule. When taking dosage, you should follow the recommendations for the right dosage.

Does Cellinea help with cellulite?

Interestingly, when we started our research, the official website was only talking indirectly about the possible results with Cellinea. The drug is only briefly and succinctly referred to as "treatment against cellulite". In the Internet we also found several times the statement that the product should achieve results with most users within eight weeks.

What is Cellinea and what are its ingredients?

Cellinea is a dietary supplement. You take one capsule at a time with a meal. According to a summary we found online, Cellinea is supposed to reduce cellulite.
On the official website, the plant ingredients in particular are highlighted. According to the list of ingredients, gelatine is one of the ingredients, but in our opinion it is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. The ingredients include extracts from grape seeds, horsetail, nettle root and green tea. The food supplement contains caffeine.
Many websites report that Cellinea does not cause side effects. However, the manufacturer advises pregnant women, nursing mothers, minors and "sensitised persons" not to take it. Further details about side effects are not listed on the product website.

The critical question: Does it really work?

Online you will find many texts that report positive experiences with Cellinea. Often the product receives a positive evaluation. But the decisive question is: Does it really work or is Cellinea a fake? Apparently this question is not easy to answer. In addition to praise for the food supplement, we were also able to discover criticism.
The biggest point of criticism does not relate to Cellinea in particular, but to remedies for cellulite in general. Some people doubt whether they can work at all. We don't think you should set your expectations too high. During our research on cellulite, we repeatedly came across the statement that nutrition could influence your skin. If that's true, it doesn't seem completely absurd to us to try to reduce cellulite with a dietary supplement.
On the official website we noticed some spelling mistakes. This unfortunately makes an unprofessional impression on us, even though the spelling on the website doesn't say anything about whether Cellinea works or not.

You want to try Cellinea? That's it.

Since the food supplement is filled in capsules, the application is uncomplicated. You take one capsule each with enough liquid. To dosage you should follow the manufacturer's recommendation and take only two capsules a day. Take one capsule at a time during a meal.
"Much helps much" is a logic that does not apply to dietary supplements. For this reason, you should read all information on, at and in the package before use and follow the recommendations there.

Before and after pictures as success control

If you try Cellinea, you can take before and after pictures to judge the effect for yourself. Such pictures often prove to be very practical, because after several weeks it is difficult to remember the exact condition of the skin before the start of application. In addition, photos often offer the opportunity to take a more objective look at the changes.

Where can you do buy Cellinea?

You can find Cellinea on ChinUp Mask or Folexin. The official website offers the capsules in different packages, between which a price comparison can be worthwhile.

Is there a study or a review on Cellinea?

We couldn't find any studies with Cellinea in our research. As this is a dietary supplement and not a pharmacy drug, scientific studies that prove its efficacy are not mandatory either.

This is what Stiftung Warentest says about anti-cellulite agents in general

In 2009, the Stiftung Warentest (German consumer watchdog foundation) was working on means to help against cellulite. resultsrdi was not among the products tested. All in all, the review was judged negative: The These results show that you should be vigilant when choosing a potential anti-cellulite drug.

What do subjective testimonials say about Cellinea?

On a website, experiences with Cellinea are quoted, according to which the user was able to determine successes within a few days: Her cellulite had already improved after five days. In a forum, a user reports that her cellulite has reduced after four weeks. Several times we could read, the possible successes would show up mostly after eight weeks.
The different data indicate that the results with Cellinea can be very different. This product is available on amazon, but at the time of our research it was not rated by customers there.

That's how you avoid falling for a fake.

Whether Cellinea works for you or not, we cannot tell you of course. You can Garcinia Cambogia Plus - you should take these concerns seriously with regard to Cellinea as well and only purchase the supplement in a trustworthy shop.
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