5 Countries with Shockingly Severe Drug Laws

5 Countries with Shockingly Severe Drug Laws

Traveling abroad can be fun and thrilling as long as you abide by their foreign rules and regulations on all matters. When entering the borders of individual countries you are required to adhere and abide by their rules regardless of the fact you are a foreigner. Individual countries can offer very drastic measures on drug offenders and users if found guilty. Lengthy prison sentences, steep fines, and even life or death sentences can be slapped if found guilty on foreign soil of narcotic abuse.


Foreigners are warned about the use and prohibition of drug abuse in this nation. China is notoriously famous for its mass execution sentence, especially drug offenders who carry no more than 50 gm and above drugs like cocaine, opium, cannabis, and meth are awarded a death sentence. Despite pressure from the international community, China is strict and severe on its no drugs policy.


The drug norms in this country are so stringent that any if any international student comes into the country to study and parents hide his drug abuse problem, the parents included could face very severe charges. Indonesia moreover follows the same policy of China on drug offenders; they’d rather see them off with a firing squad than imprison them.


Consumption of contraband in this nation could be fatal for you. Iran has moreover killed over ten thousand drug peddlers and users in the past decade. Even minor cases of drug abuse can lead you up to seventy lashes on your back in public view. So take a second thought before you decide to visit countries like these.


Very harsh zero-tolerance drug policies are followed here. In Singapore minor cases of littering can even end up with public lashing. So it isn’t special if they follow strict norms on contraband peddlers and users. This island nation despite the heat from the international humanitarian community favors the execution of convicts rather than holding trials.

United Arab Emirates

The Islam countries follow very severe and strict norms of drug abuse and contraband traces if found on the foreigner. When found guilty, the accused can face lengthy, and the authorities may impose even life behind bars in the country and on extreme cases of execution by beheading. Recently the BBC has emphasized such stringent norms followed by the state wherein a recent example, a foreign national was found carrying 2.16 grams of cannabis which he had forgotten and was ultimately detained an sentenced for four years in prison followed by immediate deportation.